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Boiling Point is a commissioned project for a sound and visual art project, Sonic-Visual Interplay, pairing one composer and one visual artist to work together on a new piece.

Web_Fingers are Meant for Touching_2024.jpg

Fingers are Meant for Touching
Aluminum LED lightbox
300 cm x 170 cm x 11 cm

Web_Boiling Point Installation View_3_2024.jpg

Boiling Point 沸點
Dual-channel video, stereo
3 mins 36 secs


Cong Wei


Recorded Trio:

Angus Lee, alto flute

Shelley Ng, piano

Karina Yau, percussion

Web_Boiling Point Installation View_2_2024.jpg
Web_Installation View_Edited.jpg

Taking the similarity of gestures between cooking and playing instruments as a starting point of the project for sensory associations, Boiling Point presents a lightbox and artistic short film based on the systems and pitfalls in the kitchen using audio and visuals as mediums to convey a message highlighting the contrast between gentleness and violence, softness and strength in gestures visually and audibly.

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