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Sun Print 日印
Oil and tangerine peel prints on canvas 

Diptych: Left: 80 x 130 cm; Right: 80 x 60 cm

Sun Print (Blanket) detail-.jpg
Sun Print(Tangerine Peels).jpg

Partial 局部

KCC Concrete+Jungle_Opening-23.jpg
230612_0152-min (1).jpg

Sun Print II 日印二
Painting installation (oil on an aired blanket)
Dimensions variable


Partial 局部

The Sun Print series is derived from the association of dried tangerine peels and a blanket being aired under the sun in the same place. Viewing the dried tangerine peel and aired blanket as the carriers of the sunshine in Hong Kong, the Sun Print series embodies the sunshine in Hong Kong by exchanging and overlapping the identities of the sun, dried tangerine peel and aired blanket.

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